An unfair advantage, the key to start up success

You want to know what you need to start a company that succeeds? Well, there are a lot of things in reality. A good idea. Hard work. Vision. Customer Demand. Perseverance.

But the thing that seems to stand out is something that tips the scale to the advantage of the new business.  Something that gives it an “unfair advantage.”


Many would be entrepreneurs think that it is all about the idea. As if you could crystallize the concept, show up on shark tank, get some cash and success is bound to come your way.

However, it is rarely about the idea. Instead, it is about the existing marketing channel you can tap, the connection to dozens of customers that will pick up the phone when you call, existing technology that doesn’t need to be fleshed out.  Something that gives you a head start.

The bottom line, is that this unfair advantage helps you get lift off. Without it, you will not succeed.

The good news is that like “Luck,” you can create your unfair advantage. So get to it.