The Turning Point

March 1, 2016 marks a turning point. What we are turning into, I do not know.
On the right, I think today is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. The desire for a tyrant, the tea party, the extremist, will result in most seeking to find some place to align their interest.
On the left, there as much confusion about what to rally around, however, the discourse is nowhere as loud.
From these two groups a new Party has the potential to emerge. One that is actually for less government, in all ways. Less taxes, less regulations, less intrusion into my family, and less oversight. Less “deal making,” and thus more transparency. Less “special interest groups,” and more opportunity. More control at the individual level, local level, and less at the top level. More of the basics, and more of the common goods, less of the special carve outs. Greater opportunity for all.
Across the pond, they are afraid, and with good reason. How is it possible that so many people here don’t bother to look past the words? How is it possible that the good people of our country don’t bother to dig into the details.
We will be left with the choice of a person who disregarded our laws and took matters into her own hands or a person that doesn’t care about the laws. Really!? Please, take the time to read and dig into what the choices are. Please vote for Sanders, Kasich, Rubbio, or Cruz. Please do not affirm the choices of the popular. Please read and do research.
From the Times …
“This disoriented America just might want Trump — and that possibility should be taken very seriously, before it is too late, by every believer in American government of the people, by the people, for the people. The power of the Oval Office and the temperament of a bully make for an explosive combination, especially when he has shown contempt for the press, a taste for violence, a consistent inhumanity, a devouring ego and an above-the-law swagger.
As Europe knows, democracies do die. Often, they are the midwives of their own demise. Once lost, the cost of recovery is high.”