From 2017 to 2018, what to do more or less of …

  1. More family. Reading, playing, calling, oh my!
  2. Read more. Books stick. Listen, read, do whatever is necessary.
  3. Complain less. There is a ton to complain about in the world.  But, complaining doesn’t do shit. Do something about it.
  4. Allocate time on purpose. It is more clear than ever, the only commodity that matters is time. Allocate it properly.
  5. Exercise.  Strong body, strong mind.
  6. Sleep more. Rested body, strong mind.
  7. Plant more seeds. The future harvest comes from the seeds planted today.
  8. Do first person research. Trust but verify? Don’t read just the headlines. Get into the details, personally.
  9. Be coachable. Seek out criticism from peers and others.
  10. Relax and be patient. Walk. Listen to more music, enjoy the journey.