Why everyone needs to learn how to code

500 years ago, the printing press changed the trajectory of knowledge and information sharing.  We have all heard that this has happened with the Internet, but its not just the digesting of information that is going to really change humanity.  It is the ability to use the medium.  And to use the medium, you need to be able to code.

The thing that made the printing press so powerful, at scale, was not the actual device but rather the ability for people to put their ideas into the written word that could then be distributed.  While the Internet takes the power of distributing ideas to a new level, it is the ability to manipulate the medium that is actually the most powerful part of the Internet.  

Why is this important?

This is important because of the way “work” is changing.  Labor (meaning the physical labor of things) is going away.  Computers and machines can build, compute, and do things that are repetitive better than humans.  Computers are precision machines.  Humans are thinking machines.  

Learning to code is how humans can express their thoughts so that machines can do the work.  

So, how do you learn to code?  

There are lots of resources.  Personally, I am going to start using Tree House.  But you can put together your own curriculum on YouTube or through many other services.  The key is to get started, its the future and the time is now!