Its the Product Stupid!

Check out this growth curve – Source: Google Trends This is the growth in search queries for Indie game Minecraft since it was founded in 2009 by Sweedish Entrepreneur named Markus Persson. It has grown pretty much by word of mouth, and only word of mouth. If you want to know what it takes to […]

The best part here in my opinion is “there is no done” … andyswan: The “launch party” for Disney Brothers Studio. They were nervous. It’s no secret that we were sticking just about every nickel we had on the chance that people would really be interested in something totally new and unique in the field […]

Yahoo is more than cool again

Execution. It is the key to success, but what you execute on is the key predictor of success, and Yahoo is on a tear.  There are important lessons for everyone from a small company to a big one to understand about this. First, the board acknowledged their past mistakes, bit the bullet, and hired a […]

Time to Crush It!

Start with an idea. Build a way to test it. Find the key elements of truth. Optimize around them. Rinse and Repeat. Pull your head up once in a while to make sure you are going in the right direction. Scale. Rinse and Repeat. Crush It!

The future of education. I just read a tweet that asked the question of who will need a teacher in the future. My answer … we all need teachers.

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