Fire In the Streets Means Opportunity

Fred Wilson’s post today on the recent collapse of SaaS valuations over the last two months is one of many examples of how bad things are right now.

Taking stock of some of the clear issues of our day, here are some of the Fires that are burning around the world:

  • The value of Public companies is tanking, down 10%+ since Nov 3rd
  • The Unicorn companies have lost their charm
  • International business is being crushed by a strong dollar
  • Russia is pressing its agenda in Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • China’s pressing their agenda
  • Even though energy costs are a fraction of where they were just 6 months ago, it is not flowing into business investment, instead it is creating fear
  • American politics is in chaos with a fascist egomaniac leading one party and a socialist leading the other.

All of these Fires create uncertainty and fear. But if you can take a deep breath, and lift your head above the smoke screen, you find the opportunities that come out of the Fire.  Carpe Diem.